Baltika #3 Classic

The Baltika #3 Classic beer was first launched in 1992 and has been traditionally the most popular beer among Russian consumers since the mid-90ies due to its invariably high quality.

For ten years running the Baltika #3 Classic has received the prestigious Russian "Commodity of the Year" prize in the field of consumer goods. The prize is awarded to the most popular mass consumption products available in the assortment of retail shops. Since the time the prize was established the Baltika #3 Classic has been the unconditional leader in the "beer" category.

This beer brand is also annually declared "The Most People’s Brand" by the results of tasting at the Moscow Beer Festival, the largest beer festival in Russia. In 2008 the Baltika #3 won a silver medal at the Superior Taste Award contest in Brussels established by the International Taste and Quality Institute. The Baltika Three has altogether over 30 awards of international and national contests.

Ingredients: water, pale barley malt, hop products.
Alcohol content: not less than 4.8% by volume.
Original wort gravity: 12 %.
Energy value per 100 g of beer: 42 kcal.
Nutritional value per 100 g of beer: carbohydrates — not more than 4.8 g.
  • Barley
  • Hops
  • Beer Rack

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