We love high-dollar wine, but we don't love panhanding for it. And while the savyy know a good bottle can be picked up for under 10 bucks, we not savvy: we are cheapskates. Here, then, are seven reds, four whites, and a rose - all cheap, all perfect for Solo-cupping.

Pomegranate Wine, Ararat Valley, Armenia $9.99

Even for wine, this stuff is intense. It basically tastes like that bottled pomegranate juice - but sweeter, more viscous, and, um.
As for how easy it goes down, I can say somewhere between "young port" and "desser wine". But if you chill it awhile in the fridge, the wine tightens up and makes an awesomely tangy apertif.

What's really cool about wine made from pomegranates - they do their thing differently than grapes, so it upends a lot of people's expectations about what wine is supposed to be.

By Claire Miccio
Published: October 12, 2005


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