Free Times: pomegranate wines

I've been fortunate the past couple of weeks to sample some wines I'd encourage you to try. The first is a pomegranate wine, a semi-sweet wine that comes from Armenia and is available locally at Earth Fare, Kroger and Piggly Wiggle. It's well worth picking up. A bit less sweet then a muscadine wine, the pomegranate wine has a spurprisingly refreshing taste that lends itself well to pairing with turkay or chocolate or as a wine spritzer. As you may know, pomegranates are extremely gigh in antioxidants, up to three times as much as regular red wine according to some reports. The flavor is amazing and more complex that you'd think, and at an informal tasting among office chums not a single person complained - on the contrary, everyone was pleasantly surprised. Give it a shot and rememebr to pair it with heay, smoky flavors in meats and cheeses. 
by Ron Aiken
Published: October 18, 2006
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